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#161976 Zimbo Trio - Barquinho Diferente

Posted by neurotix on 25 May 2019 - 06:20 PM in Sample Sources

Zimbo Trio - Barquinho Diferente (RGE 1964)

Intro piano used in:

Roni Size - Its Jazzy (V recordings)


#159714 Shimon & Andy C - Quest

Posted by neurotix on 20 December 2018 - 01:39 AM in Break IDs

Ornette. the break with the snare that sounds like an 8bit space invaders missile (also used by Decoder) is on Jungle Warfare 1, but I would say it predates that. and the break that Mampi used for twisted and also Sound on true playaz is on the 160DB Drum n Bass sample cd. can provide them both at some time when i next go to the studio.

#159713 Roni Size 'Destination'.

Posted by neurotix on 20 December 2018 - 01:28 AM in Break IDs

Which version of destination do you mean? The original or the re-engineered version that came out a few years ago? In the original there is at least 3 different breaks being used. I cant remember the original names off the breaks off the top of my head but I could probably work it out by thinking of other tunes that have used the same break and then searching for those tunes in the break database on RDB. However I can tell you that if you actually want to use them for production you can find all of them on Zero G Jungle warfare series and that is almost certainly where Roni got them from.
You can tell because of the way they have been processed, the series is very clean sounding and was produced and chopped by JMJ & Flytronix, who used those breaks a thousand times on loads of Moving Shadow records.  The main break is on Jungle Warfare 1 with various different edits, and then was also used on Jungle Warfare 2 with slightly different patterns and processing. One of the breaks is also on Jungle Warfare 3 I think.
One of the breaks is not on the Zero G series though, but it is on either 160DB Drum n Bass cd or the 260DB drum n bass cd, cant remember without looking.

#159624 New-ish tune....oldskool style

Posted by neurotix on 16 December 2018 - 10:36 PM in Tune IDs

does anybody know this tune please? oldskool 808 sub.....full cycle style


starts at 34:19