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#57547 DJX024

Posted by -=:BlAzE:=- on 08 March 2006 - 09:46 PM in Releases

your right m8

I have Deejay Recordings cat: DJX024

the copy i hold in my hand has the deejay logo (dude on dex) with a white label on reverse

The artist is Dynamic Duo and track titles are 'Massive' and flip side i think is a remix of the same track which is a bit of a cop out but your right


should read

Artist: Dynamic Duo

Tracks: Massive (2 Mixes)

The lyrics also imply the same title, Massive!

The DJ Phantasy release is Intalektive which, according to discogs,


Catalogue number is etched in runout grooves on A-side as DJX 024, and on AA-side as DJX24. The correct catalogue number appears below the crossed-out one on the AA-side.

Im sure this is not the only release in the world to share this same cat number lol but anyways

Have a LOOK