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The Winstons - Amen Brother [CLIP]

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Posted 12 March 2016 - 01:37 AM

Right! Couple of updates I've got here on teh amens (which I didn't think were worthy of own threads)...

So, it's been mentioned to me several times now about the 'Dillinja' amen that seems to be in vogue of recent times, and how apparently the true source for it is from LTJ Bukem - A Couple Of Beats. Basically we're talking about the amen texture known most notably from "Jah Know Ya Big", but also some others too I think, such as "Muthafucka" (also Peshay seems to be using it in "The Nocturnal")

So, I decided to investigate once and for all. Scouring through "A Couple Of Beats" I managed to do this:

couple of beats amen.mp3

Hmmm. Well, I don't know who came up with this tidbit but quite frankly, it doesn't sound anything like it to me? I know Blah mentioned above about LTJ Bukem taking his amens from one channel of the original 7", which I imagine would cover this instance. As for anything else, well I don't know

It's quite interesting though because in the track Bukem starts off sampling and looping other amen derivatives before finally breaking half-way through to a 'clean' amen. I remember always thinking of it at the time as a statement, saying "well, that was hardcore - now it's drum & bass!". Thinking now, and knowing that he got those initial loops from that sample CD, I wonder if it was more in fact a statement to say "lets stop recycling all our breaks and start going to the original true source"?

Anyhow, its clear that even if Dillinja did sample from a pre-existing source (which is by the by, really) he's obviously done his own processing and eq-ing to get a distinctive sound on it, so I guess that puts any 'uses' of it as being from "Jah Know Ya Big".

- - - - -

Ok, for my other update - being Face Records is probably my all time favourite 'small' imprint of the music, it's always been of some intrigue to me that really distinctive amen texture used by Pascal in those early tunes. Its a rather thick, sort of congested sounding loop which always seemed reminiscent of "Dub War" - I always thought, perhaps mistakenly, that he was a part of Dance Conspiracy and that explained it.

Anyhow I have since made the discovery listening to the original release on Metamorphosis that its actually clean, and sampleable, from the "The Mix Strikes Back" version on that 12"! Which was something of a revelation to me

It kicks in about 1:02 into the tune - think I could listen to that amen loop all day!

Well, I'm sure the quest for more amen derivatives will continue, although still somewhat bemused by the cult that seems to surround this break... Definitely a fan of it being used but to me its just another of many

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