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In Topic: Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Pascal & Sponge remixes) (February 1993)

Today, 12:19 AM

View PostOrnette, on 23 February 2018 - 11:04 PM, said:

Still confused about this - how many versions were there exactly?

I noticed you updated the thread with the two soundcloud links,

but I'm sure I saw someone mentioning the one with "The R" being mixed in is of DJ Hype, so which is the one Tango used to play? And what one is the Jonny / Dub Wars version, still don't think I've heard it

also, there's this... count 'em, four different versions

Probably 3 versions as the tune we've all called Johnny/DubWar is likely to be the Johnny In A Dub War track on that DAT.

The mix Tango played in sets is labelled Mix 2 on soundcloud and was also played by Hype, Dr S Gachet, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie etc. It's a longer clip on soundcloud from another set instead of the one from Tango at Dance Planet 'Pure Energy'. Mix 1 is the version played by LTJ Bukem in February/March 1993. It's played by Grooverider and Ray Keith in February/March 1993, so they were probably made around the same time. I've updated the opening post.

In Topic: Cyndicut 100.4FM (1990 - 1997)

Yesterday, 12:19 PM

15/4/94 - DJ Jess, Embee, Matt & Daz - Cyndicut 100.4 FM

Part 1


Slipmatt - Hear Me [Awesome]
DJ Seduction - Got The Music [Impact]
Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay]
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
DJ Hype - Floating Kill (Dirty Mix) [Suburban Base]
Code Blue - Angels In Rhythm [Dee Jay]
Suburban Knights - State Of Art [Intelligent Music Company]
Wild Orkid - Orkid [Lucky Spin]
Eze-G - Data-Dump EP (AA2) [Unatural Light]
Goldie - V.I.P. Riders Ghost [Metalheadz]
Liftin' Spirits - Giggle N Rush [Liftin' Spirit]
DJ Buz - Warrior Charge [No U-Turn]
Dopestyle - Fade Away [Ganja]
Mystical - Try So Hard [Ruff Kut!]

Part 2


The Darkest Knight - The Journey [Hard Disk]
The Full SP - S-Capaid [Face]
>> Drum & Bass - Low Down And Funky (The Ruff & Ready Remix) [Formation]
SLM - Boof Dem! [Tone Def]
The Full SP - Raw Basics (Tango Remix) [Face]
SLM - Die Hard [Tone Def]
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
Unknown Artist (DJ Ruffkutt) - Untitled (A) [Heavyweight - HW1]
The Noise Of Art - Rollin' Deep.. (Smokey Joe Remix 2) [Suburban Base]
The Source - High Powered [Awesome]
H & Eddie - Day & Night [One Touch]
The Source - Horns Of The Ghetto [Awesome]
Liftin' Spirits - Break It Up [Liftin' Spirit]
Gwange - Motionless [Legend]

In Topic: Jungle Fever 'The Curse Of The Fever' - 24.09.1993

Yesterday, 09:20 AM

Audio for the Brockie set (downloads enabled)


In Topic: AWOL - Live In London - Late 1993 (November?)

22 February 2018 - 07:19 PM

Yeah, that's Side B.

B2 is Noise Factory - Future II (The Remix) - 3rd Party

In Topic: Double Dipped - Volume 1 8 Pack (April & May 1995)

22 February 2018 - 11:34 AM

Fat Controller (tape labelled Slam) - Double Dipped

A1) The Stomper - I Luv You [Uphoria - STOMP 001]
A2) DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (Slipmatt remix) [Slammin' Vinyl]
A3) DJ Ham & DJ Poosie - Master Peace [Kniteforce]
A4) Billy "Daniel" Bunter & J.D.S. - Let It Lift You [Just Another Label]
A5) DJ Brisk - You & Me [Remix]
A6) DJ Brisk vs Rebel Alliance - Floor Friction [Stormtrooper]
A7) The Stomper - Music In Me [Uphoria - STOMP 001]
A8) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days [Remix]

B1) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days [Remix]
B2) Secret Squirrel - Energizer [Bogwoppa]
B3) Sub Source - The Hardcore Anthem [Evolution]
B4) DJ Seduction - Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction remix) [Impact]
B5) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt remix) [Kniteforce]
B6) DJ Demand - Music (In Effect) [Vinyl Momentum]
B7) Psy-Quest - I Believe (DJ Vibes Mix) [Rezonate]
B8) DJ Pooch - Feeling This Way [Impact]
B9) DJ Seduction - Holding On [Impact]
B10) ??