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ancient id request - Kiss fm

14 July 2020 - 09:59 AM

Had this on tape a long time now and still never stumbled upon it since

Tuned into Kiss as I did quite frequently back then, this was the wee hours of a weekday night some time early nov 1992, and couldn't believe my ears to hear a bit of hardcore junglist being played as kiss were really not repping that sound at all at that time. So ran to the tape deck to squeeze in what I could:

kiss weekday snippet.mp3

There was quite a bit of tunes being played if I remember, Jay J / Devious D "Time Of Our Lives" was probably another, I only had space for a very small fragment though. I never quite figured who the dj was, and that bit in the middle with the female voice must be part of the same thing, as is very clean broadcast, but what we do know is that he mentions the "ambient zone" after the adverts with Mixmaster Morris

This was a tape that otherwise had Tim Westwood from the saturday on it, and before that, a reasonable chunk of MC 5-O, DJ X (pressure x?) & MC Stamina on... yes, this is right, Weekend Rush.

and here's a taste of what else was playing on that tape for context... (what was) a very rare remix of Das EFX "Eastcoast" and then, into one of the tracks from the Brand Nubian album?

rando 93 id request

10 April 2020 - 03:13 AM

Something from Kool FM

Ash & Dett.mp3

26th June 1993 i have it dated... still a mystery

Some second gen break... help please?

07 April 2020 - 06:07 AM

This one's been bugging me for years but finally thought I'd ask after grabbing an mp3 of one of the tunes that uses it

BBB & Dextrous - "Jazz In The House"

I'm sure this is the same tune I once heard in a segment of "The Dance Years - 1995" with Dave Pearce, whilst showing some footage of Metalheads at Blue Note... never been able to track down that episode but it was certainly the same break being used

It's also the one heard in Lemon D - Goin Gets Tough

and Dillinja - Music

Would like to know.......