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Unreleased dubplates from 2001? 1 by Randall / 1 from Juice Records

10 September 2019 - 09:26 PM

DAZ played a few dubplates on his Cyndicut FM show on 13th March 2001. I'm trying to ID a few of them.

At 3:20 there's one that he rewinds and plays from the start - he says it's by Randall and called Chill.
At 11:42 there's another one that he plays from the start which he says is called Castaway and forthcoming on Juice.

Can anyone confirm the ID for either of these tracks please, and whether they were released?

Audio here - https://soundcloud.c...-978fm-13-03-01

There's a couple of other unknowns in this set too if anyone can ID them.

A1) ?
A2) ?   (?? DAZ says it’s Randall – Chill on a 10”, presumably a dubplate ??)
A3) Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Higher [Technique – The X Project Part 2]
A4) ?   (?? DAZ says it’s called Castaway and is forthcoming on Juice ??)
A5) Decoder – Circuit Breaker (Peshay Rmx) [Tech Itch – Decoded EP]
A6) Capone – Paradise [Hardleaders]
A7) Bad Company – The Nine [BC]
A8) DJ Friction – Photon [Trouble On Vinyl – Here Comes Trouble Volume 7 – Rotation EP]
A9) Undercover Agent – Five Tones (VIP Rmx) [Unreleased]
A10) ?
A11) A-Sides – Feeling Me [Eastside]

1999/2000 Happy Hardcore ID's needed

26 August 2019 - 11:37 PM

Can anyone help with the missing ID's on this happy hardcore set from early 2001 on Eruption FM. My happy hardcore knowledge is patchy after about 1998.


Eruption 104.0FM

A1) Stompy – Come Follow Me [New Essential Platinum]
A2) Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Take Me Away [Prime]
A3) DJ Kaos – Dimond Eyes [Go Mental Platinum Series]
A4) ?   (?? Unknown Artist – Bitter Sweet Hardcore [Not On Label – HVH1] ??)
A5) The Space Cadet – 1st Contact [UV]
A6) Jon Doe – BnH Volume 1 (A) [BnH]
A7) Fabulous Faber – Better Day (Ham Mix) [Next Generation]
A8) Bang – Shooting Star (Ham & Brisk Rmx) [Next Generation]
A9) Brisk & Vinylgroover – Freedom 2 Dance [Next Generation]
A10) ?

B1) ?
B2) Sy & Unknown – The Joke’s On You [Quosh]
B3) Mashed Up – Volume Two [Mashed Up]
B4) Bang – Sailaway (Hard As Fock Mix) [Next Generation]
B5) The Vampire - Summer Breeze [Quosh]
B6) Sy & Unknown – Touch The Sky [Quosh]
B7) Oblivion – Into Oblivion (Brisk’s Mix) [Next Generation]
B8) ?
B9) Stompy – Ride Like The Wind (4 2 The Floor Mix) [Raving Mad]
B10) GEOS & Coyote - Morning Rain Clouds [Hecttech]
>> Brisk & Trixxy – Eye Opener [Slammin Vinyl]

Possible unreleased dubplates - 2001

21 July 2019 - 06:40 PM

Can anyone identify some of the blanks in this Ruff Stuff set from December 2001. He refers to quite a lot of them as dubplates, and I can't find them anywhere so thinking some of them might be unreleased.

Ruff Stuff
Kool 94.5FM

Side A & B here - https://soundcloud.c...23-12-01-part-1
Side C here - https://soundcloud.c...-945fm-23-12-01

A1) Afro Kid – Yo DJ [Chronic]
A2) Tango – Understanding (Total Science Rmx) [Notch]
A3) LTJ Bukem – Music (Unknown Artist Rmx) [Unreleased]
A4) Mist:i:cal – Mistical Dub [Soul:R – Mistical Dub EP]
A5) Shy FX & T Power feat Di – Shake Ur Body (Digital & Spirit Rmx) [Positiva]
A6) Roni Size feat Rahzel – Out Of Breath [V]
A7) ?
A8) Dillinja – Grimey [V – The Grimey EP]
A9) Total Science – Squash [Advance//d – Sektor One EP]
A10) The Spirit – Overdrive [Advance//d – Sektor Three EP]

B1) The Spirit – Overdrive [Advance//d – Sektor Three EP]
B2) Capone – F-Down [Hardleaders]
B3) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says it’s a dubplate by Spirit ??)
B4) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says it’s by Moving Fusion coming out on Ram ??)
>> Bad Company – The Nine [BC]
B6) Bad Company – Spacehopper (Triton’s Universe) [Ram]
B7) Shimon – Hush Hush [Ram – Ram Raiders Part 3]
B8) Monoman – Hypnotize [Chronic]
B9) ?   (?? Full Cycle ??)
B10) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says he’s keeping it Full Cycle, it’s called Session and he’s had it on dubplate for about a year and a half. Also shouts out to Surge ??)
B11) Twisted Individual – The F Word [Formation]
B12) DJ Die – Slide Away (D Product Rmx) [Unreleased]

C1) Roni Size – Keep Strong [Full Cycle]
C2) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says it’s Roni Size Reprazent – Sounds Of Reprazent ??)
C3) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says it’s a dusty old dubplate by Surge ??)
C4) ?   (?? Ruff Stuff says it’s brand new by Total Science ??)

Slammin Vinyl - 11.11.2000 (Old Skool 6 Pack)

17 July 2019 - 10:47 PM

6-pack recorded at Slammin Vinyl on 11th November 2000 at The Sanctuary. Also released as single tapes.


Dougal & Vibes
Sy & Unknown
Nicky Blackmarket

Slammin Vinyl - 11.11.2000 (Drum & Bass 8 Pack)

17 July 2019 - 10:34 PM

8-pack recorded at Slammin Vinyl on 11th November 2000 at The Sanctuary. Also released as single tapes.


Ray Keith
Jumping Jack Frost
Bad Company
Nicky Blackmarket
Mampi Swift

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