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12 October 2017 - 02:34 PM

View PostOrnette, on 19 September 2017 - 03:51 AM, said:

Some links that could be of use.

First, the official Fabio & Grooverider tracklist archive, from the BBC website (2002-2005):
http //www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/urban/tracklistings/fabgroove/fabio_and_grooverider_archive_shtml.shtml

EDIT: newer version, up to 2009
http //www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/fabioandgrooverider/tracklistings.shtml

Bastards! Seems BBC has gone ahead and broken both these two links Posted Image

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

12 October 2017 - 12:59 PM

01/01/2002 - Fabio & Grooverider (live at 'World Dance' Millennium Dome)

Listen:  chris72d (full show)

High Contrast - Return of Forever
Tommy Knocker - All For Love
Zinc - Casino Royale (Remix)
DBD Feat. Taka Boom - Funky People
Carlito & Addiction - Just Wanna Be
Shy FX - Shake Ur Body
Pascal - Hold You
Marky & XRS - LK
High Contrast - Make It Tonight
Influx Datum - Back for More
John B - Up All Night
4 Hero - 9 By 9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)

Peshay - You Got Me Burnin
Origin Unknown - Truly One (Remix)
High Contrast - Return Of Forever
Dillinja - Check 1,2
Marky & XRS - LK
A Sides - Be Yourself
Bad Company - Planet Dust
Dillinja - Thugged Out Bitch
Friction & Nu Balance - Final Judgement
SS - Lighter (Twisted Individual Remix)
Black Sun Empire - Mutationz II

from: http://forum.breakbe...px?m=1971826781
Poster there claims it was broadcast live on radio one... hey presto, seems it was

"1.00 : Fabio and Grooverider
Live at the Millennium Dome.

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

12 October 2017 - 12:50 PM

One more for 2001 now...

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

12 October 2017 - 11:50 AM

Also at the link above, mini site for the April 2001 "One Live In London" week:

there's a reference to a live broadcast from Movement, at Bar Rumba on the thursday...
"On Thursday 12th April, One World came live from drum & bass night Movement at Bar Rumba on London's Shaftesbury Avenue. Featured guest on the show were Brazil's DJ Patife, plus Movement resident and V Recordings' label manager Bryan Gee, and MCs Cleveland Watkiss and Dynamite. We caught up with Patife to find out how the drum & bass scene in Brazil compares to that of London, and to find out which London DJs and producers he really rated."

also this I found for the One World show, later in the year!
http //www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/one_world/good_looking.shtml  [archived: 15/12/2001 7.03am]
"Good Looking Special :: Blame
Show broadcast on Radio 1 on Thursday 13th December 2001
Good Looking Records began as a modest organisation made up of just LTJ Bukem and a partner with an office in Neasden, North London. In 1992 Bukem released 'Atlantis (I Need You)' followed by 'Music' in 1993. Good Looking began to create its own vibe, attracting the attention of other DJ's and Producers. They pioneered a new sound within a scene increasingly dominated by dark edged drum & bass.

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

12 October 2017 - 11:17 AM

14/04/01 - Fabio (live at 'Swerve' The End, London +Jumping Jack Frost)

Listen:   D90_D120  (part 1 - 58mins), D90_D120  (part 2 - 62mins)

Jumping Jack Frost
John B - When I'm Close 2 U
-Fabio voiceover-

Calibre - Rise
A Sides - Spread Love
Hatiras vs. J Majik - Spaced Invader
Special Forces Feat. Robert Owens - The End
Calibre - Light Years
Carlito & Addiction - Just Wanna Be
Calibre - Things R Re-Arranging
Dylan & Ink - Need You
Calibre - What U Need
Carlito & DJ Addiction - Perfect Combination
DJ Zinc - Casino Royale
Fellowship - Hysteria [unreleased? / Defunked]
Danny C Feat. Myfy - I Got What You Need
DJ Zinc - Hear No Evil (Instrumental Mix)
Ed Rush & Optical - Reach Out
Calibre - Feeder
Future Cut - Hideous Kinky
J Majik Feat. Kathy Brown - Love Is Not a Game
High Contrast - Music Is Everything (alternative version) [unreleased?]
The Dragon - Noodles
-Fabio voiceover-
Shy FX & T Power - Everything
Special Touch - I Need

from: (link still active)
BBC - Radio 1 - One Live In London - Fabio
"On Friday 13th April, Fabio presented two hours of the finest drum & bass live from Swerve at The End in central London. We dived into the up-for-it crowd on the night to ask them where are the best places to hang out in London, and who their favourite Londoners are..."

"Friday 13th 2.00 : Fabio
The latest drum 'n' bass, live from Swerve at the End as part of 1 Live in London, with DJ Storm and Jumping Jack Frost.

Looks like that's Threshold Forrester pictured there as well...