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In Topic: Warning - 'Junglist Mayhem For 1999' (8 Pack)

21 June 2018 - 11:25 PM

Hype B2B Zinc

B2) The Ganja Kru - Science [True Playaz - F*ck The Millennium EP]
B8) The Ganja Kru - Science [True Playaz - F*ck The Millennium EP]

This tape is 2 different Hype / Zinc sets - it cuts after B2.

Andy C

A4) Bad Company - Refuge [BC - The Fear EP]
A5) Boom Boom Satellites - Dub Me Crazy Ver 02 (Optical Rmx) [R&S]
A6) Lemon D - Static [Test]
B8) Decorum - All Mighty [Liftin Spirit]

Ray Keith / Nicky Blackmarket

A5) Fibre Optix - Sin [Renegade Hardware - 3 The Hardway EP]
B9) Lion Of Judah - Emperor Selassie 99 [Congo Natty]

In Topic: Radio 1 - One In The Jungle

21 June 2018 - 09:39 PM

24.10.97 Pressure Krew [Skinny, Rok One, Quantum] with Ragga D / DJ Hype with MC Fats (Live at 'Steppaz Convention 1st Birthday' The Comber, Brighton)

??? (after Pressure Anthem) = Surreal - Seascape [Hardleaders] - ID by XuxsoadSh4nker on YouTube
??? bristol sounding? = Kitachi - Spirit (Roni Size Remix) [Dope On Plastic] - ID by AntoNeo1 on YouTube
??? congo natty? "here I come" = Tribe Of Issachar - Tribal Natty ('97) [Congo Natty]
??? (after Turn On The Heat Again) = Outta Dynamics - Bass Control [Trouble On Vinyl - Code Of The Streets LP]

??? true playaz something = DJ Zinc - Stretched [True Playaz]
??? another true playaz something = DJ Zinc - It's Like That [Frontline]

In Topic: Hysteria 25 - The Abyss - Happy Hardcore 8 pack (Oct/Nov 1999)

20 June 2018 - 06:53 PM

Baby Lee

A1) Gouryella – Gouryella [Code Blue]
A2) Ayla – Ayla (Veracocha Rmx) [Positiva]
A3) Binary Finary – 1999 (Gouryella Rmx) [Positiva]
A4) Friends Of Matthew – Out There (Lange Mix 12”) [Serious]
A5) Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (DJ Jam X & De Leon’s DuMonde Mix) [Positiva]
A6) Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Rmx) [Platipus]

B1) Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Rmx) [Platipus]
B2) The Morrighan – Remember (To The Millennium) (Lange Rmx) [Serious]
B3) Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising (Lange Rmx) [Ministry Of Sound]
B4) Agnelli & Nelson – Everyday (Original Mix) [Xtravaganza]
B5) Echobeatz – Africa 2000 (Echobeatz 12” Mix) [Eternal]
B6) ?

Baby Lee getting on a Judge Jules tip :D

Big thanks to Mr. Tibbs for helping put the tracklist together.

In Topic: Amazon ‘Jungle Collection 9’ : Feb - June 1999

20 June 2018 - 03:27 PM

It's always good to try something new :D

Looks like you've updated the Kenny Ken TL the wrong way round. A5 and B5 should look like this:

Kenny Ken

A5) Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl [Prototype]
B5) Zinc - Toothbrush (Rmx) [True Playaz - Beats By Design EP]

(The Pulse 2000 doesn't feature on the set).

Also, Mickey Finn A7 got missed:

Mickey Finn

A7) JB - Say What (The Blind Man) [Back 2 Basics]

In Topic: Amazon ‘Jungle Collection 9’ : Feb - June 1999

19 June 2018 - 10:49 PM

Bad Company

A2) Kraken - Side Effects [Underfire - Blazin LP Sampler]
B3) & B4) Bad Company - Seizure [Virus]
B6) Bad Company - Oxygen (The Drilla Killa) [BC - Inside The Machine LP]
B8) Stakka & K Tee - Synthesis [Underfire - Blazin LP]
B9) is by Bad Company but I can't place it