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My copy has Marly Marl - I Feel It written on one side and Cool Hand Flex - Bass Injection written on the other side.

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Tape 2 - Rhythm Section


Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
N.R.G. - I Need Your Love (Real Hardcore Mix) [Chill]

Rhythm Section

Rhythm Section - Check Out The Bass Bass
Rhythm Section - Circuit Breaker (Remix)
Rhythm Section - Atomic Bass
Rhythm Section - Feel The Rhythm
Rhythm Section - Emotion
Rhythm Section - Dreamworld
Rhythm Section - Perfect Love 2am

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View PosteXtreme, on 20 March 2018 - 10:58 AM, said:

Marley Marl & Footloose - 2nd June 1995


02 & 03 Marly Marl - Feel It - De Underground - DUG02
16 DJ Gunshot - Check One - IQ

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Today, 12:14 AM

Andy C - 13.05.1998

(this show was mentioned here by Ornette in 2010)

Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
Dillinja - Weapon Of Choice [Test]
Ed Rush & Optical - Compound [Virus - Wormhole LP]
Grooverider - Rivers Of Congo [Higher Ground - Mysteries Of Funk LP]
Origin Unknown - Broken Road [Ram - Sound In Motion LP]
Justice - Mauve Flow (Matrix Mix) [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Kamanchi - Unknown Title [Unreleased]
Matrix - Gap The Mind [Virus]
The Ram Trilogy - Scanners [Ram]
Optical - Split Personality [Unreleased]
Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code [Renegade Hardware]
Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion [Ram - Sound In Motion LP]
The Ram Trilogy - No Reality [Ram]
Boom Boom Satellites - Dub Me Crazy Ver 02 (Optical Remix) [R & S]
Shimon & Andy C - Live Line [Ram - Sound In Motion LP]
Red One - Stop Start [Liftin' Spirit]


On Where's Jack The Ripper (Dubplate Mix) - "my first time on a Wednesday lick, just getting settled in"
On Dub Me Crazy Ver 02 (Optical Remix) - "about half hour left, finish at 12"

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Today, 12:04 AM

Kenny Ken - 16.09.1998

?? (G-Squad)
The Beat Junkies - Materialize [Second Movement]
Brockie & Ed Solo - Showdown [Undiluted]
Mace - Inferno [Mix & Blen']
?? (Congo Natty test press)
Magnetic Media - Explosive [Liftin' Spirit]
A-Sides - Calibre (Ed Rush Remix) [Eastside - East Side Jamz Volume One Sampler]
Uncle 22 - Skillz [Eastside - East Side Jamz Volume One Sampler]


On ?? (G-Squad) - "later on I'll be doing a little interview with the Eastside Crew" (A-Sides, Uncle 22, Embee)
On Showdown - "shout going out to Ray Keith for holding the fort last week"
On Inferno - "Dylan & Facs just walked into the studio"