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Kool FM 8th Birthday Party - December 1999

01 January 2020 - 02:40 PM

Does anyone know when Kool FM held their 8th birthday rave (it would have been some time in December 1999, but I need a date)?

I know they had their birthday party in the studio which was live on air on 5th December 1999, but I believe they also held a rave somewhere. Anyone got a flyer or anything?

Thanks in advance.

Some 2003 Drum & Bass tracks played by Loxy

01 January 2020 - 12:21 PM

Can anyone ID the missing tracks on this Loxy set please?

Bonus points for the Ben J gaps too, but it's the Loxy unknowns I'd like to find out if possible.

DJ Loxy / Ben J
Rude 88.2FM


DJ Loxy

A1) Technical Itch - The Green (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
A2) Loxy & Damage - Deadlife [Cylon]
A3) B Key & Loxy – Battlescars [Tech Freak – Destruction Ritual LP]
A4) Rufige Kru – Rhythm Killa [Version unreleased except on the Sine Tempus digital album]
A5) Spirit - Soul Survivor [Metalheadz]
A6) Spirit - Chinese Whispers [Inneractive]
A7) Danny C – Star [Metalheadz]
A8) Goldie – Angel III (Loxy & Ink Rmx) [Razors Edge]

Ben J

A9) ?
A10) Pendulum – Ulterior Motive [Uprising]

B1) Pendulum – Ulterior Motive [Uprising]
B2) DJ Die – 100 Miles & Runnin [Full Cycle]
B3) Distorted Minds – Feel [Reformed – Reformatted EP Volume One]
B4) Freeland – We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Rmx) [Maximise Profit]
B5) DJ Optiv & Bulletproof - Camouflage [1210]
B6) Q Project – Sticky Fingers (Twisted Individual Smelly Finger Rmx) [Crash]
B7) Bad Company – Mass Hysteria (Hive Rmx) [Human Imprint]
>> A-Sides feat Singing Fats & Regina - What U Don't Know [Eastside]
B8) Xample & Sol – Sonic Sleaze [Hardleaders]
B9) ?
B10) DJ Red – Magnetic [Distance]
B11) Zen - Sidewalk [Reformed – Reformatted EP Volume One]

2 x 1999 Drum & Bass ID's needed - played by DJ Probe

24 December 2019 - 10:26 AM

Can anyone help with the remaining 2 ID's in this tracklist please?


DJ Probe - Telepathy 'Insight' - 4th June 1999

A1) Ram Trilogy - Terminal 1 VIP [Unreleased]
A2) Roni Size - Windrush [V - Planet V LP]
A3) Scorpio - Li Li  [V - V Classic LP]
A4) Mampi Swift - The 1 [Charge]
A5) Ed Rush & Optical - Sick Note [Virus]
A6) SAM - Destiny [Penny Black]
A7) Ray Keith feat Lea - There's Something Out There [UFO - Contact LP]
A8) DJ Die - Autumn [V - Planet V LP]

B1) DJ Die - Autumn [V - Planet V LP]
B2) Breakbeat Era - Our Disease Tera [XL]
B3) Ed Rush & Optical - Watermelon [Virus]
B4) DJ Swift - Reload [True Playaz]
B5) ??  [48:28]

B6) Grooverider – Where’s Jack The Ripper (Origin Unknown Rmx) [Higher Ground]
Ed Solo - Roar [Emotif]

2002 Drum & Bass ID needed - played by Ben J on Rude FM

23 December 2019 - 02:46 PM

Can anyone ID the very first track on this mix for me please?

I'd be interested in the other missing tracks too if anyone knows them, but it's the first track that I really want to get hold of.

Ben J & MC Irie
Rude 88.2FM


A1) Ink & J Dub - Darkart [Architecture - Can You Draw Sound LP Sampler]
A2) ?
A3) Pressure Rise - Changes (Technical Itch & Decoder Rmx) [Aspect / Perspective]
A4) Total Science - Eastern Promise [CIA - Rated-X EP]
A5) Baron – Speed Demon [Renegade Hardware – The Four Elements Part 3 – Fire EP]
A6) Red One – Believe In U [Liftin Spirit]
A7) Moving Fusion – Star Sign [Ram – The Start Of Something LP Sampler]
A8) Twisted Individual – Wales (Sheep Fetish Rmx) [Formation – Tooled Up LP Sampler]
A9) Digital – Champion Bubbler [Function – Dubsativa EP]
A10) Jonny L – Trouble [Piranha]
A11) ?
>> Twisted Individual – Gusset Gravy [Formation – Tooled Up LP Sampler]

1999 Drum & Bass ID needed - played by Brockie

23 December 2019 - 11:43 AM

Can anyone ID the second track on this mix for me please? Head to around 6:33 on the mix.

DJ Brockie & MC Skibadee
Kool 94.5FM


A1) Brockie & Ed Solo & DJ Kane – Shallow Mindz (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
A2) Perfect Combination - Technical Switch (Decoder Rmx) [Freeform - Freeformin LP]
A3) Jagged Edge – Rock Baby [V]
A4) Brockie & Ed Solo – Feeling [Undiluted – Showdown EP]
A5) Brockie & Ed Solo – Lost Bass [Undiluted]
A6) Brockie & Ed Solo – Dangerous [Undiluted]
A7) Ryme Tyme – Payback [DSci4]
A8) Pascal – Swamper [Frontline]
A9) UK Apachi & Shy FX – Nuttah VIP (Shy FX Bambaata Mix) [Ebony]
A10) Dillinja – Tronik Funk [Test]
>> Pascal – Serious Sounds VIP [Frontline – A New P Funk Era EP]

B1) Dillinja – Tronik Funk [Test]
B2) Pascal – Serious Sounds VIP [Frontline – A New P Funk Era EP]
B3) Capone – Rinsin Sound [Valve – Hometown EP]
B4) Brockie & Ed Solo – Turntable 1 VIP [Unreleased]
B5) DJ Kane – Konga [Undiluted – Showdown EP]
B6) DJ Die – Clear Skyz [Full Cycle]
B7) 2X Freestyle – Downdiggy (Brockie & Ed Solo Mix) [Times Two]
B8) Brockie & Ed Solo – Represents (Brockie VIP Mix) [Unreleased]