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Black Magik Collective 1999 Wax Magazine ID/questions

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Posted 11 January 2021 - 06:16 PM

Hi everyone,

Loved the KMC Wax mag mix and was looking as some of the other label showcases.

Stumbled across this one and from what I can find everything they played in it is unreleased.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube....h?v=x-uAi0J8VLw
Mixcloud link: https://www.mixcloud...1999-drum-bass/

The tracklist given on discogs:


1 –Quest Foundation Maybe Baby 2 –Little Joe (14) & Ronald (18) Beat Box 3 –MC QG* & Mark Slowmotion Turner Blue 4 –MC QG* & Mark Slowmotion Turner Cybin 5 –Bridges (5) Enemies 6 –Filthy Dirty Rich Filthy Funk 7 –Quest Foundation Riot 8 –TMS 1 (The Musical Scientists) Pushing A Broom 9 –Little Joe (14) & Ronald (18) Dinky Sounds 10 –Quest Foundation What's New 11 –Lee* Life

Here's a picture of the back of the CD with some more info
Posted Image

I know that Quest Foundation and Filthy Dirty Rich did have releases out but none of the tunes on this seem to have come out. Wondering if the whole thing is mislabeled (I know that CyBin was a duo releasing tracks around this time for example)

Main track I am looking for here is the very distorted on that starts 14 minutes in. Any IDs are appreciated though!


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 09:38 PM

Hi subject2chance. Welcome to the forum.

I can give you a bit of info about some of the tracks on this CD. It's a bit muddled, but here goes:

1. Quest Foundation 'Maybe Baby' = Quest Foundation - Found Ma Baby [Quest Recordings QU 001] - https://www.discogs....release/2226423

3. MC QG & Mark Slowmotion Turner 'Blue' (EMCEE) sounds like it's a remix of Blue - Initiate [Runninz] - https://www.discogs..../release/217458. It has the same spoken sample and some of the exact same synth noises in the intro. It would also tie up with the reference to Blue, although they listed it as a title rather than an artist. I'm guessing this one's unreleased.

5. Bridges 'Enemies' (SUDDEN DEATH RECORDS) = Dynamic Source - Enemies [Sudden Def Recordings SDR12004] - https://www.discogs....n/master/977620

7. Quest Foundation 'Riot' was released but the track on the CD is not the same track as on the vinyl release Quest Foundation - Riot ? [Solid Vinyl SV001] - https://www.discogs....-/master/511199. However, I've heard the track on the CD before elsewhere, so it might have been released under a different title.

11. Lee 'Life' (BLACK MAGIK) is an unreleased Black Magik track. They played a different version of this track live at Helter Skelter 'Nightlife' on 29.05.1999. It's the first track here - https://www.youtube....h?v=eRJJFB9TYpA

I can't help with any of the other tracks at the moment.