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In Topic: Resources for Vinyl

04 February 2020 - 11:09 AM

Soundbytes was good at times

Although I think it's changed hands now and I'm pretty sure all the dubs were sold in one batch on ebay recently

In Topic: Bad Company unreleased tracks

31 December 2019 - 02:06 PM

Nice one Arne

You can add Black Box to the Digital Nation list

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

21 December 2019 - 05:56 PM

It is a lot better than the released. Which is saying something!!!

I think the only chance of it coming out would be on either 25 years of Metalheadz project or if there is a 25 years anniversary release of Timeless

In Topic: Tune ID - Doc Scott @ Blue Note, March 1996

17 December 2019 - 06:57 PM

View Postarne90, on 17 December 2019 - 02:27 PM, said:

I've done a tracklist for the Leisure Lounge set. That unreleased Doc Scott tune turned up in one of the dubdubdub's dubplate threads. I asked Doc Scott to confirm if it's one of his, and he said it is. Didn't give any name for it.

Never heard that one before

Although you can tell its one of his tracks as the bass is similar to March (flip to shadow boxing remix)

In Topic: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1 [1998 - ]

06 December 2019 - 09:06 PM

View PostOrnette, on 06 December 2019 - 04:23 PM, said:

Worth noting, all of these shows are given as the friday on that site, where as we are currently listing as saturday

I think at that point it was 0000-0200 Saturday morning

Always got talked about as Friday night, but the listing had it as Saturday morning. Similar to the essential mix when that was on at a similar time