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Bad Influence (Pascal & Pulse) - Dance For Me (Unreleased Remix)

03 March 2018 - 02:42 AM


i taped it around the end of '92 or early '93 from a radio show here in Holland for the British Forces (BFBS London) which where/are stated in Germany here closeby.

It was called "The Steve Mason Experience" and brought me into the world of UK Hardcore! Way better than the Gabber which we had here and i wasn't keen on..

From my UK Hip Hop background the switch was easy and i was hooked the first time i heard his radio shows.

I happely bought the 12" with Dance for me on at the time but sadly and as a lot of times with tunes the last decades it wasn't the right mix and often unreleased.

I wrote him a letter and he replied with keep searchin.. you will find it!

After all those years i recently did but the dub isn't that great anymore.. lucky enough the person where i got it from made recordings and got wavs of both sides and i have to say those sound great.

The B-Side contains a unreleased DJ Pulse track so probably it would come out on Creative Wax? Who knows..


Tango 1993 ID's

10 September 2017 - 02:04 PM

Played by him..not sure which set it was.. also want to know ;)

But who was behind this?


And info on this? From which set and who produced it..