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Conquering Lion / X Project

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 01:48 PM

http //www.rolldabeats.com/release/x_project/dubplate1

View Posthaste, on 06 January 2006 - 10:50 AM, said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but "Jah Sunshine" is the only thing I've ever seen written on a label on an official Congo Natty release. I've no idea where "Old Skool Ting" actually came from, it seems to be a name that has existed forever but I have never seen an official release refer to it in that way.

OK, so let's try and get to the bottom of this once & for all
I have here, in front of me, the 10" on 12" white label of this, with the first version of this track and "Calling" on the flip.
I got it some time back off Nebkins, who apparently got it from the hand of Rebel MC himself.  ^_^

It's etched, precisely,


on one side, with only MH on the flip, which is different to the LION5 press that I also have, which is etched DUBPLATE 1 ✡ b/w JAH ✡ SUNSHINE . It's also at 33⅓ rpm, where as the latter is 45rpm

As mentioned, it's a 10" on 12" cut, so I think it's a fair estimate to say it's from the same master as the black 10" release... not sure exactly how the plating is done but we have seen some other examples of this, I think some of the Moving Shadow remix 10"s were promo'd this way

However... the interesting thing is there is some additional grooves of music, on the top side, on the outside edge!

The (partial) track, cut at 45rpm, starts off with the spoken vocal "We are... magnificent" and then breaks into some off canter kick drum & percussion, before finally pulling together into what sounds to me like a two-step/uk garage type of thing.

Now there's no way a tune like that existed in 1994, not even in 1995, in fact was looking into this a little while back as to what was the first two-step tune in garage, I always thought it was Roy Davis Jr "Gabrielle" from around late 97 but apparently Wikipedia has it as Tina Moore "Never Gonna Let You Go", which I'd forgotten clean about... (little closer look into "Gabrielle" Live Garage mix actually reveals it first appeared on a US release back in 96... so perhaps it was 'first' after all)

View Postspoox, on 07 January 2006 - 02:21 PM, said:

1. Didn't this one have "ol skool ting" etched? It's a black label 10"... The one I saw had "RAS DUB 1" etched one one side atleast - don't remember the other side.

Well, clearly, my copy doesn't have that, either of those details. What about anyone else?

Does anyone really have this release, as a 1994 released 10"? Because from what I see, the one I have really couldn't have appeared any earlier than 1998. Not to mention, I didn't think it had ever been released back then at the time either.

Hoping for some feedback this time.
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Posted 16 October 2019 - 02:40 PM

i would say not on vinyl in 1994, the only djs playing it back then had connections with the label.

Looking through tracklistings, the end of 1998 seems like a candidate for the release, starts appearing in Nicky Blackmarket sets around this time. also DJ Magic on Cyndicut FM in December 1998.

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 07:14 PM

Looking through the thread, I'm not sure I can add much that's not already been said, but I can provide the following information in case it helps:

I own 2 versions of Jah Sunshine - a black label 10" which I bought second-hand a few years ago, and a 12" white label which I bought as a "new" release in 2002.

The white label 12" version has JAH ✡️ SUNSHINE etched on one side and DUBPLATE 1 ✡️ on the other side. Each side is a different version of Jah Sunshine. The vocal samples are all the same but the drums and basslines are different.

The black label 10" version has DUB PLATE 1 and MUSIC HOUSE etched on one side and MH on the other side. The version of Jah Sunshine on the "DUB PLATE 1" side is different to both versions on the 2002 white label copy. Again, the drums and basslines are different, but also there are a few additional ragga vocal samples towards the end, and the arrangement is also slightly different. The B side of the black label 10" is The Calling.

I've just checked all 3 versions of Jah Sunshine against the version that Magic was playing on Cyndicut in December 1998:
14:53 here - https://soundcloud.c...-978fm-28-12-98

The version Magic was playing is exactly the same as the black label 10" version I have. Same drums, same bass, same arrangement and the additional little ragga sample (at 19:01 on the above audio link).

My black label 10" came with a hand-written title of "Ruffneck Fashion" on it (just to add another potential title someone was using).