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Bunny General - Weh Dem A Do

21 May 2018 - 10:04 PM


Intro vocal "all rude boy" etc. sampled on MC Uproar - Bad Boy


The Robotiks & Mad Professor - Extra Bonus

06 March 2018 - 09:18 AM


From the album "My Computer's Acting Strange"

Intro vocal "for being such a good listener, here's a bonus track" - sampled on Wots My Code - Dubplate Remixes - Advance Records (at the beginning of the original mix)

Andy Capp - The Law

16 February 2018 - 11:08 PM


vocal "the law" and drum fill

Sampled on DJs Unite Volume 2 (Side B) - Impact Records


Was just watching Don Letts' film 'The Story of Skinhead' on BBC 4 and this sample jumped out at me towards the end!!