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Thanks. Updated.

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Nice one. I've added the tracklists.

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21 May 2018 - 09:51 PM

Volume Two (4-Pack):

DJ Rap, Nicky Blackmarket and Hype were all recorded at Gamma Funkula events in Coventry around Spring 2000.
- The MC on Nicky Blackmarket refers to the "Bank Holiday Splash" so I reckon it's one of the May bank holidays, but could be Easter I guess.
- MC Fats on DJ Hype refers to the "True Playaz Night".

Gamma Funkula flyers are even harder to find than Warning flyers!!!!

"Trouble On Vinyl" (actually Notorious J) was recorded around the same time. So far as I can tell, the MC doesn't mention the event, so it could also be Gamma Funkula, but I'm not sure.

Tracklist with audio links here:

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21 May 2018 - 09:42 PM


A1) Krust – Warhead 2000 (Rmx) [V – Planet V (The Remixes Part Two)]
A2) Q Project – Champion Sound (Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die Rmx) [CIA – Advance LP]
A3) Shimon & Andy C – Firewire [Ram – Ram raiders Volume One]
A4) Roni Size & Krust – Hop Scotch [Full Cycle – Through The Eyes LP]
A5) Mampi Swift – The 1 [Charge]
A6) ?
>> Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows (Awake 96 Rmx) [Ram]
A7) Bad Company – The Nine [BC]
A8) ?
A9) Mr Vegas – Heads High (Hype Rmx) [Unreleased]

B1) Mr Vegas – Heads High (Hype Rmx) [Unreleased]
B2) DJ Trace – Sonar (Optical & Trace Rmx) [Prototype – Connexions EP]
B3) Krust – Freak Show
>> TNT – 2 Degrees (Brockie Rmx) [Left]
B4) Renegade – Terrorist (Dom & Roland Rmx) [Moving Shadow – Killabites.01]
B5) Shimon & Andy C – Skirmish [Ram – Ram Raiders Volume Two]
B6) Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman [Virus – The Creeps LP]
B7) Roni Size Reprazent – Trust Me [Talkin Loud – Reasons For Sharing EP]
>> A-Sides – Membrane [Eastside – Bustin Up Stylez EP]


In Topic: Urban Jungle ‘Volume Two’ (4 Pack)

21 May 2018 - 09:42 PM

Trouble On Vinyl

Notorious J

A1) Bad Company – Oxygen (The Drilla Killa) [BC – Inside The Machine LP]
A2) DJ Red & Earth People – Silo [Stealth]
A3) Usual Suspects – Spawn Punch (Future Cut Rmx – dubplate version without Hole Punch bassline) [Unreleased]
A4) ?
A5) Bad Company – Sentient [BC – Inside The Machine LP]
A6) ?
A7) DJ Kane – Konga [Undiluted – Showdown EP]
A8) Future Cut – 20/20 (Rmx) [Trouble On Vinyl – Here Comes Trouble Volume 8]

B1) Future Cut – 20/20 (Rmx) [Trouble On Vinyl – Here Comes Trouble Volume 8]
B2) Ryme Tyme & Optical – Ghostbuster [Virus]
B3) ?
B4) Bad Company & Trace – Nitrous [BC – Inside The Machine LP]
B5) Lemon D – That Amen Trk!! [Valve]
B6) Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code (Usual Suspects Rmx) [Renegade Hardware – Armageddon 2 (The Remixes)]
B7) Cause 4 Concern – Projection [Perspective]
B8) Trinity – Kick Subs [Chronic]